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You're Beer Bob, and your job is to keep the brewery at night. But some annoying customers really won't leave the place -worse, they even try to steal your barrel!

Get rid of them by pushing them in the pool of beer down the platform, using your beer-gun, beer-grenades, beer-rockets or other various weapons you're randomly given when you launch the game!

You can play with a friend:

- Player 1 plays with keyboard + mouse. (ESDF or arrows to move, mouse to direct, left click for main weapon, right click for secondary weapon)
- Player 2 plays with controller (LB or A for main weapon, RB or X for secondary weapon, left joystick to move and aim)

You have two types of enemies so far: some that only try to grip you, and some won't move when you're looking at them, but are very fast when you're not facing them, so be careful

This game is the first prototype of the game made during our second Unexpected Game Jam, which lasted 48 hours with the theme "Beer brewery". We are aware that there are bugs and we are working on fixing them! A new version should be uploaded soon, so stay tuned!

We received help from most of our fans, but we would especially like to thank our Drawing-Gnome Maxime for the barrel!

Don't hesitate to play and then give us feedback by e-mail (triiiniteam@gmail.com) or on Twitter @triiiniteam or Facebook ! :)

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Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
TagsArcade, beer, triiiniteam
Player countSingleplayer


Alpha Winx86.rar (8 MB)